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A Lot of Perks with My Studio Apartment

I am not the type of person to have a lot of demands when it comes to whatever apartment I am living in. I am a typical guy who just wants a place to lay my head, watch some sports on the TV, and a place to shower. I don’t cook a lot for myself, so I didn’t even need a gourmet kitchen or anything remotely close to that. I just wanted to look at some studio Tallahassee apartments and find one that is clean and inexpensive, but there was something else I was looking for as well.

I wanted whatever apartment I got to have a lot of things close by because I would much rather spend my free time doing something other than staring at the four walls of my apartment. I like to stay busy, which is another reason I really didn’t care too much about what kind of apartment I got since I would not be in it a whole lot anyway. When I looked at Parkway Square, I knew that I wanted to live there, especially when I saw the layout of the studio apartments. It has it own washer and dryer along with a huge patio, so those are just two perks I was not even counting on.

What I really liked seeing was all the community features. I thought that I would need to find a gym close by because I had never been able to afford an apartment before that had so much going for it, including a fitness center. This complex not only has the fitness gym right here on the premises, but it has a couple of pools along with a tennis court and a volleyball court. I don’t play either of those sports, but I am going to change that now that I have such easy access to it. I am going to really enjoy living here!

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