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Being Active Early in Life Brought About Back Problems

I loved track competitions in elementary school and high school. I did really well at my favorite track events. To be one of the best, I really had to push myself hard. I had an accident one day when I was doing the long jump. It affected my back. My parents took me to see a chiropractor in San Jose so that I could get better again. My mom told me back then that it is important to respect the fact that you need help when you are in pain or you can find yourself being permanently injured. That was not something I wanted to have happen to me.

When I injured my back, I was practicing for an upcoming track meet. My coach and I both felt that I was good enough to increase the height of the bar that I had been working with for a very long time. They raised the bar only one inch, and despite that small measurement, I was unable to get over the bar. I hit it and then quickly fell down to where the thick mat should have been. Someone had moved it about one inch away from its usual spot I didn’t know this ahead of time and I ended up hitting the edge before I slammed into the ground. It was going to a chiropractor the helped me continue with the sport for a couple of years.

I am far less active now, but chiropractic help is still more important. I now spend time hiking or staying home reading. You really do not think about how often you use need a healthy back to do a lot of basic things in life until you find yourself living with back pain and seeing how it limits a lot of things that you need to get done.

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