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I Am Starting a Job at FSU

I had to sort of hurry to get down here before the end of summer, because I know what it is like to look for apartments for rent in Tallahassee after the start of the semester. Obviously during the summer there are not so many students, they are all out hanging around on the beaches and trying to earn money for school. At any rate I got down here and I had a list of places to look at, which I focused on the ones in a specific area. I had done some research and I knew that it was right in the area close to the campus and close to all of the sort of things that you would want to do. I am going to start the job next month, but I have already found a place to live. It is not so great, but the price is right and there is a roommate who also works on the campus.

That was a real bonus, In fact my boss introduced me to the guy who told me that his last roommate had gotten married and run off without even telling him about it. He wanted to make sure that I was not a jerk that would leave him holding the bag for the rent, but he was sort of in a bind and did not really snoop around for long. The first thing that I did was to get my bike out and start to ride around. It takes me about ten minutes to ride to my office and I can get to any other place I want to go in a very short time. The obvious thing you notice around here is that there are good looking girls just about any place that you turn your head.

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