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I Need a New Apartment Now

I have just started hunting for apartments for rent in south Charlotte, although in most ways I am quite happy with the place where I am living now. I know everyone in the neighborhood and there is always something to do around here, since it is immediately adjacent to the campus. Obviously if you have not heard, there are always lots of girls on a college campus. In fact they bring in a fresh batch every spring and that is something that I always look forward to. However this is also on the wrong part of the city now that I have a job. In fact I have a job that requires me to get up way too early in the morning and that is the other big problem. I am sharing a big old house with three other guys who do not have to get up early in the morning and some of the time they are not even in bed before I get up to stumble into the shower.

At any rate the place I really loved today was completely impractical unless I find at least one and preferably two roommates. It was really terrific and the location was great, although not ideal. I could have probably gotten to work in about twenty minutes from the time that I got up out of the bed, which is really great when you live in this city. Obviously you want to avoid the highways at rush hour and I could scoot to work through a couple of side streets which would have very little traffic to impede you. I loved all of the amenities the most however. They had the two things I really like the best, a great pool and a good gym where I can work out after I get home.

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