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The Latest Condo Design in Singapore is the New Futura Building

I think every new building that goes up in Singapore has to outdo the one that went up before it. The New Futura is no exception. The two towers are 36 stories with a total of 124 units. There are sky bridges that connect the structures. If you live in one building and want to enjoy an amenity in the other, you can get to it without ever having to go outside. As with other condo structures in Singapore, the New Futura is not lacking in swimming areas.

Also, natural areas with trees are located on the ground floor and spread throughout the building itself. This is an incredible feature that seems to me to be unique to Singapore. The limited space of an urbanized island requires that natural areas be preserved, and this is one way to do it. This way you can use the land spaces to build on, because you just need to put a natural area inside the building. This can actually end up giving more square feet to areas with tress and lawn than would be there if it was just a flat lot with no buildings on it.

I would actually like to see more buildings like that in cities back home. I have been in malls and other places that might have a fountain and a few ficus trees inside. However, in Singapore you will find giant swimming pools and areas with trees and grass and flowers to play in, relax in and enjoy right inside the buildings themselves. If there is any room outside, you can be sure there will be trees and another swimming pool. It is amazing what the building designers come up with for properties built in Singapore, and the New Futura has the latest technology and design features.

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