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We Like to Do the Things the Easy Way when It Comes to Weight Loss

My husband and I have figured out that neither one of us is good at dealing with all the trouble it takes to portion out and weigh food on our own, so we ended up trying the Nutrisystem weight loss program and loved it. It does everything for us that we don’t like to do ourselves. We are fully aware of the different things that all of the Health Express say that you need to do so that you can read a different food lifestyle. But we don’t like doing that. With this new program, it shows up, we open it, cook it and eat it. That’s all there is to it.

Neither my husband or I were overweight when we first got together. Neither one of us had to fight to try to stay trim either. But when you get older, everyone knows that your metabolism slows down. So, when you eat the same amount of food, but your metabolism slows without any added exercising, you will put on weight whether you like it or not. We are not into exercising, even though we know that is something that everyone says is an absolute must to do.

The truth is that both of us have tried many diets. I found myself getting frustrated with each one of them because I had to pay such close attention to every single little thing that I put in my mouth. I always wish that there would be somebody else that would do that for me. And now there is. NutriSystem food comes to me in the mail, and they are already pre-cooked. All I need to do is heat them up. My husband loves this, and I love this. We don’t have to spend hours looking online to find out all the different grams of fat or number of calories are in our food, our new plan is already pre-measured for us.

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